The Big Ride


The Big Ride

The Big Ride is here to let you experience the greatest rides through Switzerland and Verbier in particular. Our 360 degrees concept is based on adventures in the heart of the resort of Verbier, in collaboration with local partnerships.

These terms & conditions are applicable to all agreements between The Big Ride and its customers. These conditions also apply to any third parties who are invited to any of the activities. In the event that any term is null and avoid, all other terms will remain applicable.

These Terms & Conditions apply to The Big Ride and its partner businesses: The Big Ride sàrl, Hotel La Rotonde, Restaurant Millennium and Backside shop and all invited activity partners.

Personal information

The Big Ride collects personal information of any person who is attending its activities. The primary reason we collect, use and disclose personal information is to provide products and services to guests, and to establish and maintain a responsible commercial relationship with the guests. We collect the following personal information and keep this confidential within The Big Ride:

Photographs and videos that may be taken during one of our activities will be saved in the database of The Big Ride and could be used for marketing activities of The Big Ride. If you do not want to be featured in marketing materials, then please let us know.


Bookings are subject to 50% deposit at the time of booking. Your reservation will be confirmed after we have received your deposit. Full payment for the adventure must be received at least 21 days before the arrival day of your adventure.


If, for some reason, you wish to cancel your adventure with The Big Ride, please refer to the cancellation fees detailed below:

Provided all money has been paid we will not cancel your adventure unless we are forced to do so, due to unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control which could not be avoided even with all due care having been exercised, or what is usually known as ‘force majeure’.

Changes to bookings

It could happen that we have to cancel an adventure. We make every effort to keep these changes to a minimum, but in such an event we reserve the right to make changes or cancel a booking(s) if necessary. If a significant change is made (change of date or cancellation), then we will give you the following options:

Accommodation & Food

Emergency situations

In case The Big Ride doesn’t respond to phone calls during out of office hours, please leave a message in case of any emergency. You could also call the emergency number of our partner Hotel La Rotonde in case the emergency situation occurs when you are in the hotel. Furthermore, we would like to inform you about the following facts:


Our price does not include all other holiday expenses such as: transportation to us, hire cars, lunches, drinks outside of breakfasts, drinks during supplied dinners, travel & medical insurance, entrance fees to sights etc.

Customer service

The Big Ride aims to ensure you enjoy your adventure and stay in Verbier. If there is anything that you are not happy with, then we would like to ask you to inform us as soon as possible during your stay. This allows us to look at your complaint and try to do as much as we can to guarantee your satisfaction.


I agree that the contract between The Big Ride and me will be governed by Swiss law and that any matter or dispute in connection with this contract will be subjected to the exclusive juridiction of the Swiss courts.